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I received the opportunity to have Rustbelt Equine sponsor me and my OTTB, Funny Bunny B, for the Retired Racehorse Project. This opportunity is the first time I have ever had a horse massaged. I am extremely skeptical when it comes to massage and chiropractic work on my horses, but the differences I have seen in my horse’s performance is astonishing. Funny Bunny B was having a problem picking up his left lead. DeAnn knew that he was having trouble picking up the left lead just by the responses she was getting in certain areas during the massage sessions. DeAnn not only came and gave my horse a massage, but also educated me about the maneuvers she was using and taught me different exercises to do daily to improve Funny Bunny B’s range of motion. After two massage sessions with red light therapy and using the maneuvers she has taught me, Funny Bunny B is picking up the correct leads significantly more consistently than before DeAnn started working on him.

- Marcella Gruchalak -

DeAnn does amazing work! My OTTB, Tequila, gets sore in her withers due to poorly fitted saddles from previous owners. She also gets a little back sore. I had DeAnn give her a sports massage and red light therapy. Within a few days Tequila was refreshed and not in pain. Tequila really loves getting her massages done by DeAnn! Thank you so much for helping!
- Katie Katkowski -

DeAnn worked on my horse Diesel for the first time a week ago.  I wasn't sure at first if massages for horses were beneficial or helped their muscles in any way because of how big they are.  How can human hands work out the soreness in such a big animal?! Well, let me tell you, DeAnn was so good at not only reading my horses pains, but also working out his sore muscles! His reaction to his sensitive areas were known by his body language, and when his soreness was worked out a yawn of relief was present. I was extremely impressed with DeAnn's knowledge and how professional she was to me and my horse. I will most definitely use DeAnn again for my horse! 
- Ambar Truax -

I had the opportunity of having DeAnn work on my horse Sandy while she was pregnant. I was thrilled with the professionalism, knowledge, and gentleness that was given to my horse and me as a concerned owner.  I would recommend to anyone out there who has a horse to take advantage of the services offered by Rustbelt Equine. Thanks for the love and support. Will be contacting you again for another session.
- Julie Lewinter -

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