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Massage Therapy

Equine sports massage therapy sessions typically last 75 minutes; canine sessions usually last 45 minutes.

Single Equine Sports Massage Therapy Session - $60 per horse

Single Canine Sports Massage Therapy Session - $50 per dog

Recommended Massage Prevention Programs 

Equine or Canine athletes in heavy work and/or competing regularly 

  • Two to three massages the first week

  • Weekly massages for maintenance or as needed

Horses in moderate work and competing semi-regularly

  • Once massage a week for the first month

  • Every other week for maintenance or as needed 

Senior dogs and horses or those with chronic mobility issues  

  • Every other week or as needed

Light Therapy

Pain Relief Session - $50

Add-on to Massage Therapy Session - $80 per horse/$70 per dog

(these prices include a massage and light therapy) 

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping can be added on to any bodywork treatment for $15. 

Package and multi-animal discounts are available. 

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